Utilizing a local workforce located in Ranchi , Bokaro , Lucknow , Delhi - NCR , Himachal ,Bangalore & Mumbai , VRICKSON TECHNOLOGIES has successfully developed more than 120+ software applications / websbites / portal / BOT / Robotic & Scientific application with a processing capacity for over 1,00,000 data entries / day using our massive local workforce of all types. VRICKSON TECHNOLOGIES has provided services to off shore / on shore clients include banks, retail organizations, medical research facilities, universities, insurance companies, mailing services firms, direct marketing and database marketing firms , school districts , newspapers , large corporate enterprises , government bodies ( e-governance projects) and trade associations wanting to outsource a portion or all of their data entry requirements.

Information Technology E-Governance-Projects :
our highly skilled team have implemented NPR , SECC , UID - AADHAR & BHAMASAH YOJNA are currently being implemented at Rajasthan.
Development of On Line Application for select Hotel / Restaurants for US clients